After many, many requests, our how-to-videos are finally here!
We are so excited!

You can learn how to use the Sharp EL-W535SA (and for most things, it will apply to the EL-W506T as well)

Calculator Basics:

More Please!



Like these how-to-videos? We’ve broken up the videos into the various modes they are used in.

What are the modes? Watch this video to see:


When new videos are added we will let you know here.

Normal Mode

  • Fractions
  • Recurring Decimal
  • Highest Common Factor
  • Pythagoras Shortcut
  • Time calculations
  • Binary Conversions
  • The Random Function

Statistics Mode

  • Basic Statistics
  • Linear Regression

Table Mode

  • Drawing a graph / Finding coordinate pairs of a graph
  • Finding Factor Pairs

Drill Mode

  • Mental Maths Practice


I want a calculator like this one!

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