All things Apps with Steve Sherman from Living Maths

all things apps with Steve Sherman and Living maths

The All things Apps with Steve webinar was fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different apps that are available and can’t wait to try them out.You can rewatch the webinar below:


Here are the notes Steve shared with us. Notes Link 1 and Notes Link 2

Here are the links to the various free apps that were discussed in the video:

  • Kahoot.it
    • A free quiz app that allows you to either create quizzes of your own, or copy other available quizzes.
    • You can either do the quiz in class with your students
    • Or share it has a homework challenge.
    • Remember the app marks it for you 🙂
  • Whiteboard.chat
    • Allows you to share a whiteboard with your students, they can do work on their own whiteboards.
    • No more incorrectly copying the questions down 😉
    • Draw graphs, shapes and much, much more
  • Microsoft Maths App
    • An app for your phone
    • Take a photo of an expression and get help, or
    • Write down the expression and get help
    • Gives links to videos and worksheets.
  • Mathigon.org
    • various maths lessons and apps available
  • Mytutor.chat
    • An app for your phone
    • Get questions and answer them
    • Adjusts to your level
  • EduHub
    • Another app
    • Has free study guides and helpful videos and questions
    • Available for grade 10 – 12
    • Not just for maths, but science, life sciences and more.
  • Khanacademy
    • A wonderful place to learn.
    • Lots of great videos on all topics.
    • A great way to introduce a concept to your class.
  • Desmos
    • Lots of different lessons created by teachers that you can use and demonstrate different concepts to your students


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