AMESA 2015 SHARP Mental Maths Competition

Over the course of AMESA 2015 in Limpopo, Seartec, proud distributor of SHARP, held a very special competition!

Teachers from around the country tried their best to have the fastest fingers on the SHARP EL-W535HT scientific calculator which has a unique feature drill mode! This mode allows students to practice their mental maths on the calculator. The calculator will ask the question and the student must then answer the question after which he or she presses the equals button. If the answer is correct the student will get a tick and a new question, however, if the answer is incorrect, the answer will be marked wrong and the same question will appear again. At the very end of the 25, 50 or 100 question exercise, the student will get their mark out of 25 as well as their percentage.

The eager teachers at AMESA were challenged to finish the 25 mental maths mixed questions as fast as they could with 100%. They were timed to see who had the fastest fingers!

The lady on the far right in the blue jacket is Caroline Malapile who came third!

The top ten teachers are listed below

(but to see the full ranking list, click here)

In position 10 with exactly 1 minute is Gloria Kgaraga from Matsiakgomo in Limpopo.

In position 9 with 54 seconds is M.T. Mamorobela from Sefahone in Limpopo.

In position 8 with 50 seconds is Martha Mashao from Setotolwane in Limpopo.

In tied position 6 was Priscilla Motsoetse from Makgope in Limpopo with 48 seconds.

In position 6 was C. Elerd from Sacred Heart in the North West with 48 seconds.

For those teachers who are in positions 5 – 2, Seartec has decided that you were so good and so close that you need to recieve a prize as well! So each of the next four teachers will each be receiving a set of 10 SHARP EL-W535HT scientific calculators for their school! To the value of R1500.

In position 5 with 44 seconds is Zodwa Sibanyoni from Emthonjeni in Mpumalanga.

In 4th position with 42 seconds is Shoko Litshani from Motse Maria in Limpopo.

In 3rd position with 41 seconds is Caroline Malapile from Mmamarama in Limpopo.

In a very close 2nd position is James Mica from ISSA in the North West. His time was 36 seconds.

And finally,

with the fastest fingers at AMESA 2015, answering 25 mixed maths questions with 100% in 33 seconds is Thabo Makgolo from Moeshete Primary School in the North West. Thabo walked away with the brand new SHARP R-77 34 litre microwave worth R1700!

Congratulations to all the prize winners! We are super excited about your results and your prizes are on the way!

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