AMESA 2016 Downloads

The weather was sunny, the teachers excited and the workshops and presentations inspired. 1200 maths teachers from around the country flocked to the Mbombela campus of the Tshwane University of Technology in Nelspruit to be inspired and find new and exciting ways to teach mathematics in their classrooms.

Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, was proud to participate in AMESA and hosted several workshops for teachers across the phases. These are availble below to download and share with your fellow teachers.

Monday 27 June: Teaching Fractions

This workshop for intermediate phase teachers tackled ways in which to teach fractions as well as percentages, decimals, multiples and factors, and properties of whole numbers.

Tuesday 28 June: Technical Maths

This workshop looked at what had not yet been seen in the syllabus and how to deal with these sections on the calculator from converting numbers between Binary and Decimal number systems to working with radians and complex numbers.

Wednesday 29 June Session 1: Teaching Algebra

This workshop looked at patterns, teaching the difference between constants and variables, substitution, factorizing and graphs.

Wednesday 29 June Session 2: Teaching Exponents

This senior phase workshop looked at using the Sharp EL-W535HT scientific calculator in order to teach things like exponent laws, factorizing, Pythagoras, time, percentages and prime factors.

Thursday 30 June Session 1: Teaching Finance

This was a workshop for the FET Maths Core teachers and looked at a new way to teach simple and compound interest, compounding intervals and solving annuities using only the table mode on the Sharp EL-W535HT scientific calculator.

Thursday 30 June Session 2: Math Literacy Basics

This workshop went back over all the things students should be able to do on their calculators in order to improve their marks in the exams. We looked at percentages, Pythagoras, time, substitution and statistics.

Thursday 30 June Session 3: Teaching Graphs

This workshop was an introduction to teaching graphs in the senior phase with applications into FET. The workshop explored using the Sharp EL-W535HT scientific calculator in order to introduce the concepts of gradient and y-intercept intuitively before learning the terminology.

Friday 1 July: Mental Maths

This workshop looked at ways in which the Sharp EL-W535HT scientific calculator could be used to ground and test concepts that are included in mental maths. These concepts included factors, denominators, fractions and using the unique drill mode to allow students to practice their basic arithmetic anywhere!

If you do have any questions or feedback about the workshops please do leave a comment below – we would love to hear from you!

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