AMESA 2018 Workshops

This year’s AMESA conference took place at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. Workshops were held throughout the first week of the school holidays. The AMESA 2018 workshops were hosted by various teachers, district officials, organisations involved in mathematics as well as other various stakeholders like Sharp.


This year Sharp hosted 4 different workshops on the two calculators that were given away at the AMESA conference. You can download the workshops below and use them in your classes. If you would like the actual PowerPoint presentation please email calculators@seartec.co.za and ask for it.

AMESA 2018 Workshops

What can you do with an unlimited table mode?

This workshop was particularly geared to senior phase teachers and looked at the different applications of using the table mode to teach various topics, such as simple and compound interest, multiples, factor pairs and even factorising. This generated a lively discussion on whether the airplane method (discussed in a previous newsletter) was actually mathematically valid.

Download here


Maths Fun with a Basic Calculator (the S25)

This workshop was for all primary school teachers and looked at the features of the S25 such as the drill function and counting in function. There was even a short cut for the class marks. This workshop also included a fun calculator worksheet which you can download from this page as well for convenience.

Download the workshop

Download the worksheet

Download the memo


Unwrapping the Sharp EL-W535SAB (Senior Phase Edition)

This AMESA workshop looks at the uses of the Sharp EL-W535SAB specifically for the senior phase. It includes a look at the new functions on the calculator, the random function and even using the table mode to find factor pairs of a number.

Download the workshop


Unwrapping the Sharp EL-W535SAB (Further Education and Training Phase)

This workshop looks at how to use the Sharp EL-W535SAB scientific calculator in the classroom with your grade 10 to 12 students for pure maths, math literacy and technical maths. It includes steps for linear regression and teaching compound interest using the table mode.

Download the workshop



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