AMESA 2021 – Day 2 Competition

Hi there,

Each day we will have  new link and a new chance to win! First prize is a Laptop bag and calculator and second prize is a calculator.

You can enter once for each day of the conference.

All correct entries will go into a random draw and the first and second place winners will be selected from this draw.

The winners will be announced on the 16th of July at the closing ceremony, and Tal will be in touch to confirm your delivery details (we will send your prizes via Ram).


Answer this question

Nombulelo can answer 5 mental maths questions in 35 seconds. It takes Muzi 15 seconds to answer 2 questions.

If it takes Muzi an hour to answer a set of questions, how much faster will Nombulelo answer the same questions?

This competition is now closed.

The correct answer is 4 minutes faster.

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