AMESA 2023 – Resources, Maths Workshops and Links

AMESA 2023 took place at the beautiful University of Cape Town in the last week of June. The conference was well attended by more than 1 500 maths teachers, publishers and exhibitors from across South Africa.

Over the course of the week we offered 5 different maths workshops to teachers ranging from intermediate phase all the way through to FET maths. We were joined by Andrew Naude who is a maths teacher from President Hoerskool in Joburg.

We held our mental maths competition again this year and the there was much compeition between our top three prize winners. In the end Janet Nyirenda from St. Brendan’s school won first prize.

Here are the top ten and their times:

Name Surname School Time
Janet Nyirenda St Brendans 00:50
Solani Manganyi Mavuyisi 00:53
Ilana Swanepoel Goodwood College 00:54
Vusi Chauke Majeje High 01:02
Ndumiso Mkandla Queens College 01:03
Bridget Theledi Buhle Primary 01:04
Nkepe Lipholo Tabola Primary 01:05
Mamello Ndleleni Tabola Primary 01:05
Cyril Sekome Welverdiend 01:06
Mildret Ncube Nyukani 01:17


Intermediate Phase Workshop – Monday Afternoon

The intermediate phase workshop occured on Monday afternoon. Teachers joined us as we explored the mental maths drill mode on the Sharp EL-W535SA scientific calculator, and adding fractions, decimals, playing with probability and more.

You can download the workshop in pdf form by clicking here.

Math Literacy Workshop – Tuesday Morning

The maths literacy workshop took place on a beautiful Tuesday morning. The workshop covered the topics of basic calculations like fractions, percentages, tax, finance and even break even analysis.

You can download the pdf form of the workshop here.

Senior Phase Workshop – Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday Morning.

Andrew did his first Sharp presentation with a lovely group of senior phase maths teachers on Tuesday afternoon, and presented the same workshop again on Thursday morning. The workshop covered topics such as mental maths, prime factors, lowest common multiples and highest common factors, graphs, probability and more.

You can download his workshop here.

FET Maths Workshop – Wednesday Morning

Given Andrew’s experience in the FET phase mathematics classroom, he presented the FET maths workshop on Wednesday morning. The real life examples and relating to students’ and teachers’ experience in the classroom really shone through and the presentation was enjoyed by all. Topics covered in the presentation included factorisation and use of the quadratic formula, graphs, and much more.

You can download his workshop here.


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