ATP FET Term 2 PDF’s from the webinars. (2021)

Thank you so much for joining us for the webinars for 2021 term 2’s content.

I have embedded the videos for you to watch and refer back to here, and added a link to download the pdf versionsof the presentations used in each of the workshops. If you would like the original powerpoint, please contact us directly.



Part 1



PDF Presentation for Maths FET Part 1

Part one includes topics on trigonometry (both graphs, and solving general and specific solutions), number patterns and functions for grade 10, 11 and 12.


Part 2

PDF Presentation for Maths FET Part 2

The presentation for part 2 includes investigating the effect of k in measurement, analytical geometry, functions, finance (specifically simple and compound decay, and present value annuities) and calculus.


Maths Literacy

PDF Presentation for Math Literacy Term 2

Topics in this webinar include financial documents, tariff systems, measurement, maps, plans and other representations (using scale and calculating distance), probability and data handling.


Technical Maths

PDF Preentation for Technical Maths term 2

This workshop focussed on factorising trinomials, highest common factors and lowest common multiples, trigonometry, analytical geometry, functions and graphs and integration (with area under a curve).




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