Choosing the right calculator for your maths students

choosing the right calculator for your maths students

Join us as we explore what makes the Sharp range of calculators so special.

Each teacher attending the workshop will receive a free calculator (delivered via Ram after the webinar).


Choose from the following workshops:

  • Why you should be using the Sharp EL-W535SA in your classroom in 2022 (for grade 7 – 12 maths and math literacy teachers) – Tuesday 26th October @ 20.00 (Registration Closed)
  • Making maths fun with the S25 (for intermediate phase teachers) – Wednesday 27th October @ 16.00 (Registration closed)
  • The ultimate Technical maths Sharp calculator – Thursday 28th October @ 20.00  (Registration closed) 
  • The Alternative IEB calculator for High School (more functions and cheaper). –  Friday 29th October @ 14.00 


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