How to Enter the Quadratic Formula on your Calculator

Enter the Quadratic Function using your Memory Keys

For example: 0 = 2x+ 5x – 6

Make sure you are in Normal mode by pressing mode button 0.

We know that a = 2; b = 5 and c = -6. We need to store this in the calculator. So we press 2 store button memory A button . Now store b so type 5 store button memory B button . And put c in so type negative button 6 store button memory C button .

Now type in the formula by pressing fraction button  negative button recall button memory B button minus button square-root button recall memory button memory B button minus button 4 memory recall button memory A button memory recall button memory C button down arrow button 2 memory recall button memory A button  equals button

Your first answer will be first answer for quadratic formula answerwhich is -3.07… when you press change button.

Now to get your second answer you need to press left arrow second function button left arrow right arrow until your cursor is behind the minus sign. Press Back space or delete button plus button equals button. Your second answer will now be second answer for the quadratic formula example which will be 0.57… when you press change button  on your SHARP EL535.

If you have another question e.g. 4×2 + 3x – 9 simply re-store the new a, b and c values, press up until you reach the previous quadratic formula and press equals button then the new answer will appear.

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