Example Videos for Table Mode

There are many things you can do using your table mode for the Sharp EL-W535SA and EL-W506T sceintific calculators and these example videos will give you some ideas.

Drawing a graph/ finding coordinate pairs

This example video shows you how to use the table mode of the Sharp EL-W535SA (or the EL-W506T) scientific calculator. It shows you how to type in your graph, how to set your starting point, and the size of the steps between each x-coordinate. It will show you how to input an X and how to scroll through the table to get all of the coordinates you need.


Finding Factor Pairs of Any Number

To find the factor pairs of any number using the table mode, watch this example video. You can use this method to help you with factorising trinomials.


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Learn watch how to practice your mental maths using the calculator.


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