How to Find Factor pairs using the calculator

Factorising is hard sometimes

– particularly if you cant remember the factor pairs for a certain number. Here is a trick to help you.

  1. First put the calculator in Table mode by pressing selecting table mode
  2. Then press the fraction button button. At the top of the fraction put the number you are trying to factorise in. Next press the down arrow key key to highlight the box at the bottom. Now press making an X to get an . Then press equals or enter button.
  3. Now you should see a screen that says X_start and X_step. Press equals or enter button to leave the start at zero (if your X_start has another value first press zero key and then equals or enter button).
  4. For your X_step value press one and thenequals or enter button.

Now you should see all the factor pairs that make up your chosen number.
For Example: If you put 12 at the top of your fraction your table should look like this:

0 – – – –
1 12
2 6

Press the down arrow key to continue looking at your factor pairs.


Remember that anything divided by 0 is undefined (0 cannot be a factor of any number) and that is why there is a stripey line in the ANS column next to the 0.

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