Fun @ Seartec

Seartec, proud distributor of SHARP products and particularly calculators for the past 40 years, re-launched the brand at a party hosted at the brand new offices in Bedfordview on the 4th of July.

In the week leading up to the launch party staff were initiated into what the new brand means.

Monday morning the lucky Seartec staff arrived to a wonderful surprise on their desks – A great organiser especially printed in Seartec’s new brand colours. The green colour symbolises the re-organisation of Seartec and encourages us to become more efficient.

On Tuesday morning we arrived to find an orange box awaiting us. The orange box contained an orange mug. The great thing about this mug is that it changes colour when hot water is poured into it. The mug also has the day’s theme on it – Re-Create. Seartec is all about being innovative. Many of the innovations that have come from SHARP and Seartec are the first to be launched in the country – such as our 70  inch interactive touchscreen panel, and the drill mode found on some of the SHARP scientific calculators. In fact, Sharp was the first company to invent the clutch pencil – this is where the name SHARP comes from.

On Wednesday, we were saddened to discover there was no surprise waiting for us… That is until delicious red velvet cupcakes arrived as a way to re-energise us.

On Thursday morning staff received a set of 3D glasses – the theme of the day was re-connect, with each other and with our customers. Customer satisfaction should be our number one priority.

On Friday there was a big surprise – each staff member received a 16GB USB bracelet with information about Seartec and reminders about the week.

the usb wrist band with a reminder of what the week was all about

You would think that this would be the end – but wait! There’s more! Staff at the Johannesburg branch were treated to a launch party to celebrate the movement to our new building. If you live in Johannesburg – look out for the Seartec Logo and Sharp signs close to the Gillooly’s Interchange.

The pictures above show the delegation from the SHARP Corporation, Japan. Mr Hiroshi Kataoka cut the ribbon to inaugurate the building. 

The new leadership at Seartec are Mark McChlery and Bob Skinstad pictured below:

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