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grade 11 students in soshanguve

I sit here in Durban, writing this with the rain beating on the roof. On the drive from the airport, the request for help for a high school went out. They needed the very basics. Someone to help revamp the toilets and paint for their school classes and buildings. The teachers and principle try to feed their students breakfast and lunch. And for some students, this is the only meal they will eat the whole day. The school is a level 1 quintile fee school which means that they pay close to R50 a month as school fees. Most of the students attending this school cannot afford even this.


When faced with such difficult conditions, it is easy to understand why we don’t excel in the maths and science fields. When children and teenagers are faced with the dilemma of where their meal will come from, they find it hard to concentrate on such mundane things as maths. But the reality is that we need them to excel at maths. When they excel, it means that our economy gets better. They can run their small businesses more effectively. And eventually employ more people around them.


But they need help. We cannot sit in our comfortable spaces and stay in warm homes, and think that doing nothing will change our country. We need to be the change. They need the tools and tricks to excel in maths. Maybe even to achieve a bursary.


Here at Seartec, we have something big in the pipeline. We cant wait to share this with you. But we need your help. Let’s work together to make a change in the lives of our children, and for our future.


Launching 1 December 2017!

Because we care about our children’s future. #FutureFund

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