Grade 11 Trigonometry Worksheets Series

grade 11 maths trigonometry worksheets including reduction formulae

Our new teacher Bonga, has created a grade 11 trigonometry worksheets for learners to introduce the various concepts of trigonometry to your grade 11 learners.

This first worksheet can be used to introduce the concept of reduction formulae by actively engaging learners in the exericses given. Learners draw conclusions by completing calculations and looking at the relationship between these calculations and trigonometry ratios.

Download the Reduction Trigonometry Worksheet and memo by clicking on the blue links below.

Reduction Trigonometry Worksheet

Reduction Trigonometry Memo


Use this Trigonometry identities discovery worksheet to help learners discover the identities of sin squared and cos squared = 1 as well as sin over cos = tan.

Trigonometry Identities Worksheet

Trigonometry Identities Memo




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