Grade 8 November Exam Paper

This grade 8 November exam paper is based on the CAPs documents and covers content for the entire year. The format of the memorandum is also easy to read.

It includes questions on these topics in Section 1: Whole numbers, Integers, Exponents, Patterns, Functions and Relationships, Algebraic Expressions, Algebraic Equations, Fractions, Decimals, Graphs and Probability. In Section 2 which is also out of 75 marks we have: Constructions, Geometry of 2D shapes, Geometry of straight lines, Pythagoras, Area and Perimeter, Surface Area and Volume, Data Handling, Transformations and 3D shapes.

The total for the exam is 150 marks.

Download here:

Grade 8 November Exam

Grade 8 November Exam Memorandum

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