Grade 8 Term 2 Exam

This grade 8 mathematics June exam tests all the skills learnt in the first two terms of the year according to the CAPS curriculum. Questions include

  • whole numbers and integers theory,
  • exponents,
  • patterns,
  • functions and relationships,
  • algebraic expressions,
  • algebraic equations,
  • construction of geometric figures,
  • geometry of 2-dimensional shapes and geometry of straight lines.

Marks are are in the ratio of the number of hours spent on each topic in the syllabus. For example, algebraic equations requires a total of 6 hours in the syllabus out of a total of 76 working hours over the two terms, thus it counts 12/13 marks in the exam.

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Grade 8 June Exam

Grade 8 June Exam Memorandum

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