Grade 9 June Exam

This grade 9 June exam covers all the work covered in the first two terms of the year according to the CAPS curriculum.

This means that the following will be examined:

  • whole numbers
    • prime numbers,
    • multiples and factors, and
    • lowest common multiples and highest common factors,
  • integers,
  • exponents (including scientific notation),
  • numeric and geometric patterns,
  • functions and relationships,
  • algebraic expressions,
  • algebraic equations (including solving equations),
  • construction of geometric figures
    • bisecting lines and angles,
    • perpendicular lines, and
    • properties of triangles and quadrilaterals,
  • geometry of 2D shapes
    • triangles,
    • quadrilaterals, and
    • similarity and congruency, and
  • geometry of straight lines
    • perpendicular lines,
    • intersecting lines, and
    • parallel lines.

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Grade 9 June Exam

Grade 9 June Exam Memorandum

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