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These grade 10 worksheets are fully CAPS aligned for the South African Curriculum. They are free downloadable PDFs with fully worked out memos. They cover all topics in the grade 11 syllabus from algebra and patterns, to functions and trigonometry.

Grade 11 Euclidean Geometry Worksheets

grade 11 maths euclidean geometry

Explore the various Euclidean Geometry theorems for grade 11 learners with these helpful worksheets on several geometry concepts. The first concept explores the idea of the line from the centre of the circle theorem. The exercise asks learners to draw their own circle and polygon by following specific instructions and encourages learners to intuitively grasp […]

Grade 11 Trigonometry Worksheets Series

grade 11 maths trigonometry worksheets including reduction formulae

Our new teacher Bonga, has created a grade 11 trigonometry worksheets for learners to introduce the various concepts of trigonometry to your grade 11 learners. This first worksheet can be used to introduce the concept of reduction formulae by actively engaging learners in the exericses given. Learners draw conclusions by completing calculations and looking at […]

Grade 11 Maths Term 2 Revision

This grade 11 maths revision worksheet practices the two topics done in term 2 – functions and trigonometry. The questions ask to find x-intercepts, y-intercepts, asymptotes and turning points, as well drawing the graphs. There is a question on finding the general and specific solutions and one on proving identities.   Download now: Worksheet 13: […]

Revision Term 1

This revision worksheet for CAPS term 1 tests all the skills that should have been learnt in the first term. The worksheet tests exponents, surds, equations including inequalities, completing the square, trinomials, and exponentials. It also tests simultaneous equations skills before looking at nature of roots. Finally revision on linear and quadratic patterns is given. […]

Worksheet 11: Statistics

This statistics worksheet for grade 11 mathematics practices the different facets of statistics including mean, median and mode and  standard deviations. It also includes frequency polygons and histograms,  ogives and box-and-whisker plots. Finally there is also a fully worked out memorandum. Download here: Worksheet 11: Statistics Worksheet 11 Memorandum: Statistics

Worksheet 7: Euclidean Geometry

This grade 11 mathematics worksheet builds on the skills of Euclidean geometry and the theorems learnt in grade 11 such as the tan-chord theorem, alternate segments and so on. It also has a fully worked out memorandum. Remember that with Euclidean geometry there can be more than one way of finding an answer so please […]

Worksheet 10: Probability

This grade 11 mathematics worksheet on probability tests students skills and their understanding of mutually exclusive events, dependent and independent events, the product rule, Venn diagrams and tree diagrams. There is also a fully worked out memo showing how all the answers were found. Download here: Worksheet 10: Probability Worksheet 10 Memorandum: Probability

Worksheet 8: Trigonometry: Sine, Cosine and Area Rule

The grade 11 mathematics trigonometry worksheet tests the sine, cosine and area rules learnt and determines whether students can apply it to two-dimensional (2D) questions. The questions are based on the South African Caps syllabus and there is a fully worked out memorandum. Download here: Worksheet 8: Trigonometry Worksheet 8 Memorandum: Trigonometry

Worksheet 9: Finance, Growth and Decay Worksheet

Finance, growth and decay tests simple and compound appreciation and depreciation, as well as gives story sums and timeline questions. It also has a fully worked out memorandum and follows the CAPS guidelines for Grade 11 Mathematics. Download here: Worksheet 9: Finance, Growth and Decay Worksheet 9 Memorandum: Finance, Growth and Decay

Worksheet 6 – Trigonometric Functions

This worksheet looks at the three different trigonometric graphs – sin, cos and tan, and the translations and changes that occur in these graphs. The worksheet tests drawing graphs, identifying graphs, giving the amplitude and period of the graphs. It also does in-depth mixed questions about the different trigonometric functions that mirror exam type questions. […]