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All our worksheets are CAPS aligned

The grade 11 math literacy worksheets are free downloadable PDFs that cover the South African CAPS curriculum, with fully worked out memos. The topics covered are patterns and relationships, measurement, finance, income and expenditure, ratios, rates and proportion.

Worksheet 8: Measurement and Conversions (1)

worksheet 8, measurement and conversions page 1

This grade 11 mathematical literacy worksheet works through the various aspects of measurement and conversions for grade 11 learners. The questions include: Conversions between mm, cm, m and km ml and liters g, kg and tons seonds, minutes, hours and days from baking measurements like teaspoons, tablespoons and cups to ml imperial and metric units […]

Worksheet 7: Finance – Interest, banking and inflation

This worksheet practices finance for grade 11 math literacy and includes questions on interest, banking and inflation. The worksheet covers questions on CPI and various finance situations such as investments and hire.   Download Here: Worksheet 7: Finance – Interest, banking and Inflation  Worksheet 7 Memorandum: Finance – Interest, banking and inflation

Worksheet 6: Financial Documents and Tariff Systems

This worksheet covers financial documents such as till slips and household accounts as well as budgets and interest. This worksheet also covers tariff systems and car repayments. Download here: Worksheet 6: Financial Documents and Tariff Systems Worksheet 6: Memorandum: Financial Documents and Tariff Systems

Worksheet 5: Probability

This worksheet goes through the various probability questions covered in grade 11 mathematical literacy. There are questions that ask you to draw and interpret tree diagrams as well as asking you to draw a contingency table. Download here: Worksheet 5: Probability Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Probability

Worksheet 4: Finance

This worksheet on finance tests profit and loss calculations as well as mark up. It is very important to be able to determine the break-even point for a company to know how many products you need to sell before you start to make a profit. This worksheet also tests tax calculations and understanding financial documents. […]

Worksheet 3: General Calculations

This grade 11 mathematical literacy worksheet tests general calculation skills for percentages, ratios and rates, as well as conversions between different units of measurement. It also has a fully worked out memorandum. Download here: Worksheet 3: General Calculations Worksheet 3 Memorandum: General Calculations

Worksheet 2: Measurement

This worksheet practices how to read measurements off various instruments, how to convert from one kind of measurement to another, how to use conversion of measurements in practical situations and how to work with measurements in ratios. Download here: Worksheet 2: Measurement Worksheet 2 Memorandum: Measurement

Worksheet 1: Patterns, Relationships and Representations

This worksheet goes through many examples of how a graph can tell a story, it practices drawing graphs, reading off graphs, interpreting data. These graphs can have up to two variables compared on one axis. Download here: Patterns, Relationships and Representations worksheet Patterns, Relationships and Representations memorandum