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All our worksheets are CAPS aligned

These are grade 12 Mathematical Literacy worksheets that are following the current matric curriculum. They all have a worksheet and a fully worked memo which make them great for exam and test revision as students can even work through them themselves. This is great practice for up coming matric exams.

Worksheet 5: Data Handling (2)

This grade 12 mathematical literacy worksheet gives students practice question on data handling including analysing bar graphs, and pie charts, drawing their own graphs and answering questions about the data and scale of the graphs.   Worksheet 5: Data Handling (2) Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Data Handling (2)

Worksheet 4: Finance – Financial Documents and Tariff Systems

This CAPS aligned grade 12 mathematical literacy worksheet with memorandum tests the students knowledge and ability regarding Financial documents and payslips. There is a definition question, work on a salary slip, including questions on tax and other deductions. There is a question on financing a car, and the cost of that finance.There is also a […]

Worksheet 2: Data handling

This worksheet covers data handling for grade 12 mathematical literacy. It covers mode, mean,  median and range calculations, box and whisker plots as well as stem and leaf diagrams. Download here: Worksheet 2: Data handling Worksheet 2 Memorandum: Data Handling

Worksheet 1: General calculations

This worksheet allows learners to practice all the general calculations that are expected from them in exam papers. It covers conversions, percentage, units of measurement, time and dilution factors. Download here: Worksheet 1: General calculations Worksheet 1 Memorandum: General Calculations