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All grade 12 NCS mathematics worksheets on patterns, sequences and series, calculus, exponents and logarithms, finance, growth and decay, coordinate geometry, functions, trigonometry, Euclidean Geoemetry, probability, statistics and linear programming

Worksheet 4 – Solving for x

Use this worksheet to practice factorising, completing the square, inequalities, simultaneous equations, fraction questions and exponential questions. Use the fully worked out memo to check that the answers are correct.   Download here: Worksheet 4 – Solving For x Woksheet 4 – Memo

Worksheet 12 – Solve for x

Practice the different solve for x type of questions using this worksheet – choose from factorising, completing the square, inequalities questions, simultaneous equations, algebraic fractions, exponential equations and story sums. Lots of all the different types which is great for homework or revision before exams Download here: Worksheet 12 – Solve for x Worksheet 12 […]

Worksheet 11 – Patterns, Sequences and Series

The Patterns, sequences and series worksheet covers the work done in grade 11 and 12 – from quadratic sequences to arithmetic sequences to geometric sequences and series. This worksheet tests all cognitive levels and has a couple of challenge questions for the students. Dont forget to download the memo as well.   Download here: Worksheet […]

Worksheet 10 – Exponents, Logs and Finance

This worksheet covers exponents – from simplifying to solving, then moves along to logs where the basic rules are tested and the student is asked to solve for x. Finally it delves into the world of finance – using the background of logs and exponents to answer some of the questions. Finance covers simple and […]

Trigonometry Worksheet

Trigonometry Trigonometry is used to calculate angles and lengths of different shapes and sizes. It is generally used in construction, sound engineering etc. This worksheet looks at using sketches in trigonometry, as well identities and graphs. The worksheet also works through general and specific solutions and ends with a 3D-trigonometry question. Download here: Trigonometry Worksheet […]

Worksheet 3 – Patterns, Sequences and Series

Practice questions on quadratic patterns to arithmetic sequences and series to geometric sequences and series. The worksheet includes exam level questions which could be used for revision of the number patterns section. Download here: Worksheet 3 – Patterns, Sequences and Series Worksheet 3 Memo – Patterns, Sequences and Series  

Worksheet on Circles in Analytical Geometry

This worksheet tests all the skills learnt in learning about circles that do not have their centre at the origin, from finding the centre coordinates and the radius to determining the equation of the circle to finding tangents to the circle at a particular point. There is also a section on determining whether two circles […]

Worksheet 8 – Analytical Geometry

This worksheet allows the student to practice their analytical geometry skills by finding the midpoint, gradient and equation of the straight line as well as the distance between two points. It also includes circles with centers that are not at the origin. It also has questions that allow the student to practice finding the angle […]

Worksheet 7 – Linear Programming

This linear programming worksheet includes questions on finding constraints, drawing the graph of the constraints and determining the feasible region. It also includes questions on finding the maximum and minimum profit or loss for the constraints given. Download here: Worksheet 7 – Linear Programming Worksheet 7 – Memo