Great resource for teachers! – Free Sharp Scientific Calculator Emulator

The SHARP emulator

was created to assist teachers in explaining work more easily to all the learners in the classroom at one time. For this reason the calculator simulator has been made available for FREE download. The AP maths (EL-W506 WriteView) emulator and the FET maths (EL-W535SAB WriteView) emulator can both be found below.

Here are just a few reasons why the SHARP simulator would assist you:

  • The simulator display is exactly the same as viewed by learners on their calculator.This makes it easy to use and very easy to follow what the teacher is doing.
  • The easy to use display is touch enabled for tablets/touch screen whiteboards or can be used with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Students can follow along on the teacher’s projector.
  • The simulator can be downloaded by students to practice calculations at home.
  • You can capture a picture of the calculator screen and use these images in presentations, class notes or homework.
  • The emulator download is less than 250 KB so it is a small file to download.

Download here:

EL-W535SAB Simulator

EL-W506T Simulator

image of EL-W506T simulator

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