Horizon Maths Competition

Around the country, 23 700 grade 5, 6 and 7 students participated in the Horizon Maths Competition. The Horizon Educational Trust has been organizing this competition since 2000. Of the 5 500 participants in Gauteng, the top 200 attended the glittering awards ceremony held on the 6th of June. The 200 students eagerly waited to find out what position in the top 200 they had achieved, while proud parents and maths teachers nervously watched the proceedings.

43 primary schools from around Gauteng were represented by the top 200 students. The top prizes included a laptop,an ipad,a netbook,an ipod and 2 bicycles. Seartec, a proud distributor of SHARP, had the privilege of sponsoring 20 scientific calculators as prizes.

the gumboot dancers from Horizon International High school

Attendees at the awards ceremony were treated to a gumboot dance from the learners at Horizon International School. There were also 3 guest speakers from the department of Education, as well as our friend Khangelani Mdekane from AMESA,who were there to hand out prizes.

The Horizon maths competition invites all grade 5, 6 and 7 learners to write the first round maths paper which consists of 20 multiple choice questions written in 60 minutes. Learners who achieve more than 50% in this round are invited to write the second round paper which has 30 multiple choice questions and must be completed in 75 minutes. The Horizon Maths Competition committee mark all of the second round papers and determine the results. Grade 5, 6 and 7 learners all write the exact same test paper.

The top learner in Soweto went to Karabelo Sibeko from Leratong Primary School. Karabelo won a bicycle for his efforts. There were only four grade 5 learners in the top 200 and the top learner in grade 5 was Michaela Moyle from Glenanda Primary. She was one of the top 51 – 60 learners. Amazing for a grade 5 student! There were 62 grade 6 learners in the top 200 students. Thomas Williams from Blairgowrie Primary School was the top grade 6 learner.

The top participating school went to Glenanda Primary and the best performing school went to Parkview Senior Primary School. Students from Parkview stood and hi-fived each other after this award they heard that their school had one this award.

The tension in the auditorium was tangible as the students, teachers and parents waited to find out who the top 10 learners were…

10th : Kelly Mitchell from Parkview Senior Primary Schoo

9th : Kudzaishe Nyengerai from Bryanston Primary School

8th : Rebekah Van Wyk from Montrose Primary School. Rebekah was also the top female learner in Gauteng

7th : Curt Van Roy from E.P. Bauman Primary School

6th : Shrian Moodley from Glenanda Primary School

5th : Gregory Conroy from Northcliff Primary School who won a bicycle

4th : Aqeel Latib from Montrose Primary school. Aqeel won an ipod

3rd : Lee Thomson from Glenanda Primary School, Lee won a netbook

2nd : Jedd Jacobs from Bryanston Primary School. Jedd walked away with a laptop for his efforts.

And, finally, after much to-do, music, many certificates, speeches, awards and photos, the first place prize was won by Alexis Matzopoulos from Parkview Senior Primary School! He won the ipad. His fellow students stood to cheer for him as he walked onto the stage.

Excited students went home to play with their prizes, parents breathed a sigh of relief and teachers began planning their maths strategies for next year (or at least I like to think so ;))

Look out for news of the Horizon Maths Competition set to take place early next year (March 2015) in our Maths at Sharp newsletter. Perhaps next year your bright maths student might just walk away with first prize…

For more information please visit www.hmc.org.za

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