Last Webinars for 2022

july and august webinars for 2022

Its our last set of webinars for 2022!

We have an exciting line up for you.

We have partnered with Resolute Robotics to bring you a webinar on all things Robotics. The webinar will include details about the new robotics curriculum that the DBE will implementing from 2023 as well as lots of great ways to tackle this curriculum.

Our Sharp webinars will be based on the different phases and include workshops for Intermediate, Senior Phase, Math Literacy, Maths FET and AP and Technical Maths teachers. Remember that the workshops are geared towards teachers, and we will cover a lot of curriculum tips and tricks.

You can watch our old workshops on our YouTube channel (

Remember that if you are attending one of our workshops for the first time this year you will receive a calculator. Please note that you will NOT receive a calculator for each session attended, but only for the first session that you attend.

Here are the workshops:

– 26 July @ 20.00 (Tuesday) – The Everything Introduction to Robotics and the curriculum it should follow. Our friends from Resolute Robotics will also answer all your questions about this exciting new world. (registration closed,video will be available on our YouTube channel on Friday the 29th of July). Watch the video here
– 27 July @ 10.00 (Wednesday) – Senior Phase Tips and Tricks (Registration closed) 
– 27 July @ 20.00 (Wednesday) – Math Literacy Tips and Tricks (Registration closed)
– 28 July @ 10.00 (Thursday) – Intermediate Phase Tips and Tricks (Registration closed)
– 28 July @ 20.00 (Thursday) – Maths FET Tips and Tricks (Registration closed) 
– 2 August @ 10.00 (Tuesday) – Maths FET Repeat (Registration closed)
– 2 August @ 20.00 (Tuesday) – Senior Phase Repeat (Registration closed)
– 3 August @ 10.00 (Wednesday) – Tech and AP Maths Tips and Tricks (Registration closed)
– 3 August @ 20.00 (Wednesday) – Intermediate Phase Repeat (Registration closed)
– 4 August @ 10.00 (Thursday) – Math Literacy Repeat (Registration closed)
– 4 August @ 20.00 (Thursday) – Tech and AP Repeat

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