Sharp S25 junior quiz calculator

Every good tool needs a good manual, and we’ve got them here for you. From the S25 Junior quiz calculator for primary school teachers, parents and students, to the EL-W535SAB  and the EL-W506 for those students in high school or technical colleges, we have a calculator here that suits your needs.

Each manual is aimed at a different group, because they fill a particular groups’ needs. Take a look below to see what would suit you best.


The Sharp S25 – Junior Quiz Calculator

For Primary school – anywhere from grade 3 (or even 2) up to grade 6 or 7. 

This calculator has a great quiz function on it. Practice your mental maths by answering basic maths questions and getting instant feedback from the calculator. If your answer is wrong, the S25 will repeat the question, if the answer is correct you will get a new question. At the end of each drill you will get your mark as well as your percentage.

Download it here – S25 Manual


The Sharp EL-W535SAB Scientific Calculator

For grade 6 or 7 (depending on the teacher’s preference) up to grade 12. 

This model is one of the scientific calculators recommended by the department of education. They come in blue, red and white.

Download it here – EL-W535SAB Manual


The Sharp EL-W506 Advanced Scientific Calculator.

For grade 10 – 12 mathematical literacy and technical mathematics students, as well as those studying engineering, and other sciences subjects. 

This model has the ability to do conversions (for example from pounds to kilograms, etc), percentages, equation solving, complex numbers as well as number base conversions.

Download it here – EL-W506 Manual

Sharp EL-W506T

The Sharp EL-W506T

For grade any ieb students, math literacy students, technical maths students and university students. 

This new and improved version has a dual, unlimited table mode, constants and conversions, equation solver, up to 4 x 4 matrices and complex mode. For those students studying statistics it also has a distribution mode for pdf and cdf calculations for Normal, Binomial and Poisson distributions.

Download it here – EL-W506T Manual

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