Maths Investigations

One of things that has come up over the last couple of months has been the need for maths investigations. We are going to try and meet this need with some investigations designed for you to be able to do in class with your students.

At the moment because this section is small all of the investigations will be found on this page. As they grow we will organise them as we have for the worksheets.


Grade 8

The first investigation to be created is an investigation into exponent laws. It covers the 4 laws required in the CAPS for grade 8.

Special thanks to H. Diliyannis (from Praxis Online) for suggesting the investigation, and for helping with the editing and suggestions. 🙂

Grade 8 Investigation Exponents

Grade 8 Investigation Memo Exponents


We’ve now also added:

Number Patterns and its memo

Algebraic Expressions and its memo

Grade 9

This investigation looks at the 5 exponents laws used in grade 9:

  • multiplying same bases
  • dividing same bases
  • raising a power to a further exponent
  • anything to the power of zero
  • raising a base to a negative exponent.

Grade 9 Investigation – Exponents

Grade 9 Investigation Memo – Exponents


And now we’ve also added (26 May 2021):

Algebraic expressions and its memo

Number patterns and its memo.


Future Investigations:

Grade 7 – exponents