Why do we need to study Geometry

Dear Yasodha Rani,

There are so many places to use geometry in real life.

There are many places that analytical geometry is used in every day life but Euclidean Geometry is used even more!! I’m sure you can think of the basic examples such as area and perimeter of the spaces in and around your home, painting walls and putting in furniture. And you know that geometry is about accurately calculating physical spaces.

But they also use geometry for computer graphics in computer games and movies – its how they make animated movies look 3-D to you. Robotics and medical imaging also use Euclidean geometry. People also use geometry in carpentry, engineering, navigation and astronomy. It is also used to help model protein molecules and diseases. It is used in photography and even used in bicycle designs to give maximum speed and efficiency. Architects and town planners use geometry.

Geometry is everywhere!!!

But if that doesn’t convince you – check out this really cool pool game that you can play on the computer – you have to use angles to get the balls in. Click here

Have fun and remember that geometry is everywhere around you – the box you order your pizza in, the mug that you drink your coffee out of, the juice bottle – designed to hold a liter or two of juice with just enough space at the top not to spill out when you open it. The logos and brands on your shirts, shoes, pens and books. The design of the cinema and your favourite restaurant, the coffee machine at home and the way your chair that you are sitting in is designed.

Geometry is everywhere!!!!

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