New Grade 10 Financial Maths Study Guide

grade 10 financial maths front cover

Hi Grade 10 maths students (and maths teachers too) looking for a Grade 10 Financial Maths Study Guide,


Financial maths is another one of those topics where you will need to make sure that you understand the basic building blocks because it is used all the way through to matric.

This chapter covers:

  • simple interest
  • compound interest
  • hire purchase
  • inflation
  • population growth and
  • exchange rates.


But! Don’t panic! Because we are here to help.

Maths @ Sharp has revamped the Financial Maths Study Guide so that it works with the Sharp EL-W535SA and the Sharp EL-W506T scientific calculators. We will show you how to use your calculator effectively to answer various financial maths questions.


The study guide includes easy to follow notes and examples, activities to practice and answers to all the activities at the end.


Grade 10 Financial Maths Study Guide – Download


As always, we are only human here, so if you spot any mistakes in the guide, please contact us so that we can make the changes.

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