New Sharp EL-W506 Manual

The Sharp EL-W506 advanced scientific calculator is a great tool for any student, and particularly for those who will continue studying maths in university. It includes 556 different functions, and 7 different modes, including matrices and complex numbers. You can even use it to calculate the inner- and outer-products of two vectors. It is the ideal calculator for students in grade 10 – 12 as well. For the math Literacy students conversions are easily done, time calculations are easy and percentage calculations are simple. For core maths students you can solve quadratic and cubic equations, solve trigonometric equations, find the sum of a sequence and even find the derivative at a point of any line. For the technical maths students you can easily convert between different number bases, find the definite integral and find the conjugate of a complex number as well as easily convert between degrees and radians.

We have put together a student / teacher friendly manual that can help you to tackle all the things that you need in your syllabus. Remember that the calculator simulator is also available to download on the home page.

Check out the pictures below that show how to solve the quadratic equation using the EL-W506 as an example of what the manual looks like.

The Sharp EL-W506 calculator manual. Download here

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