Year Planners for 2016

These year planners are designed according to the CAPS documents – they will be updated regularly as they are linked to the relevant worksheets for each section – so as new worksheets are made the planner will also be updated.

I have tried to stick to the time allocated as much as possible with the assumption that a student attends 4.5 hours of maths in a week, the lessons are planned according to days, and a guess at when exams will begin. There are two versions – a pdf version or the excel version where you can make your own adjustments to the planner.

If you feel that something has been left out or there is an error please do let us know via email.

Happy New Year and all the best for a fruitful 2016 academic year!

Grade 8

  • Grade 8 Year Planner – PDF
  • Grade 8 Year Planner – Excel

Grade 9

  • Grade 9 Year Planner – PDF
  • Grade 9 Year Planner – Excel

Grade 10

  • Grade 10 Mathematics Year Planner – PDF
  • Grade 10 Mathematics Year Planner – Excel

Grade 11

  • Grade 11 Mathematics Year Planner – PDF
  • Grade 11 Mathematics Year Planner – Excel
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