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4 ways to build a gingerbread house

4 ways to build a gingerbread

On the 12th of December, America celebrates National Gingerbread House Day. So, I thought it might be fun for us to do something similar here in South Africa – especially because of all the great maths skills that come included in the project. Here are four different ways to build a gingerbread house which will […]

Term 3 Workshops

Term 3 Maths workshops

If you want to see what we got up to in the various term 3 workshops that we had during September you can find them here: Creating Investigations and Worksheets In this webinar we looked at how to create your own worksheets (following the same process that we use here at Maths@Sharp). We also looked […]

Revamped Maths Study Guide Chapters!

Hi Students, With the event of the new Sharp EL-W535SAB calculator, we thought it might be time to redo the maths study guide chapters. Each maths study guide chapter has an explanation for each topic in the CAPS syllasbus and activities that follow each particular section. The answers for each activity are at the end […]