Normal Mode Videos

These videos describe the different things you can do in the Normal mode of the Sharp EL-W535SA (and the EL-W506T) scientific calculator.



This video describes how to input fractions into the Sharp EL-W535SA scientific calculator. It shows both proper and improper fractions, as well as mixed number fractions and the different ways you can type them in.

Recurring Decimal

The Sharp EL-W535SA scientific calculator (and its big brother the EL-W506T) has a recurring decimal answer function. In order to use it you need to switch it on. This video will show you how to do that, and show you what the recurring decimal answer will look like on your screen.


Highest Common Factor

This video explains how to use a new function on the Sharp EL-W535SA scientific calculator – finding the highest common factor of any set of numbers!


Lowest Common Multiples

Watch this video to find out how to find the lowest common multiple of any set of numbers on the Sharp EL-w535SA (or even the EL-W506T) scientific calculator.

Prime Factorisation

If you want to find the prime factors of any number you can use your Sharp EL-W535SA (or the EL-W506T) scientific calculator and following the steps in this video:

Pythagoras Shortcut

This video explains how to use the polar and rectangular conversion function on the Sharp EL-W535SA calculator to find the hypotenuse and angle of a right angled triangle when you have the x (or base) and y (or height) values.

Time calculations

This video gives two examples of different ways time can be asked. The first example requires you to find out how long it will take you to go somewhere if you are given the distance and the average speed. The second example shows you how to find the difference between two times (for those pesky train/ bus questions).


Binary Conversions

In this video you will see how to convert from decimal numbers into binary numbers, and then from binary numbers back to decimal numbers.


The Random Function

You have four different random options on both the Sharp EL-W535SA and the EL-W506T scientific calculators. This video will show you how to access them and how to generate random numbers between any two numbers.


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