Quadrilaterals and their Properties

Quadrilaterals and their properties

Need a quick and easy summary of all the quadrilaterals and their properties you need to know?

Below are summaries for both A4 and A3 posters that summarise quadrilaterals and their properties, such as the trapezium, parallelogram, square, rhombus, rectangle and kite.

Remember that quadrilaterals are four sided shapes. You need to pay attention to whether the sides are equal; the size and equality of the angles and the diagonals.

You start learning about quadrilaterals in grade 7 and use them all the way to grade 12. So make sure you learn them well 😉

Download here:

A4 Quadrilaterals Poster

A3 Quadrilaterals Poster


Do you need some worksheets on quadrilaterals and 2D shapes?

Here is one for grade 8 

And here is one for grade 9.


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