Seartec School of the Month for April: Hlahledlela High School

Seartec School of the Month for April: Hlahledlela High School

Hlahledlela High School is situated in Inanda, close to the Inanda Dam, in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The scenery around the school is breath-taking. If I spent my days teaching or learning there I might pay more attention to the incredible beauty around me than to the beauty inside the classroom.

the view over Inanda Dam in Kwa-Zulu Natal - magnificent

However, Hlahledlela is a no fee school still awaiting its yearly allotment from the government and only functions particularly well because of the dedication of its principal and teachers. The school has 980 students and had a pass rate of 75% for 2014 – something to be proud of considering that the Kwa-Zulu Natal pass rate of 2014 was 69.7%.

one section of the school  the badge for Hlahledlela High School

 the lower section of the school  some excited Hlahledlela students

They have 99 grade 12 learners, and 50 are doing mathematics.

In fact, Mr Masinga, the principal, believes in encouraging his students to take mathematics instead of mathematical literacy. Mr Masinga is quite a dedicated member of the community and works tirelessly to improve the lives of his students. He also mentors young male students as they go through difficulties at home.

This integrity has rubbed off on his students as well. After photos with the students and teachers, some of the learners came back to give us a heartfelt thank you speech.

photo with the principal, students and Seartec staff the students saying thank you for their calculators Mr Masinga (the principal), Clive (a Seartec staff member), Tal (a seartec staff member) amd one of the maths teachers listening to the speech of gratitude from Hlahledlela students

The school has decided to give the calculators out based on a “library” system.

Each student will be loaned the calculator for the duration of the year. Should they lose it, they will need to replace it. At the end of the year the students will return the calculators for next year’s grade 12’s to use.

We hope that the dedication shown by Mr Masinga, his wonderful staff and their fanatasic students will carry them far into the future! Good luck for finals Hlahledlela High School! We are rooting for you!

the mandatory crazy photo

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