Seartec School of the Month for March: Laerskool Bloemfontein

Laerskool Bloemfontein – Little Bodies Big Smiles

In March Seartec was privileged to be involved with a primary school in Bloemfontein. Laerskool Bloemfontein has a wide range of students from all walks of life that attend the school – many from the Noordhoek area in Northern Bloemfontein. The school has 940 students from grade R to grade 7. Laerskool Bloemfontein runs a feeding program from those students coming in from the townships and a special program called the “Broodjie Project” which feeds 45 children a proper breakfast and lunch and sends the children home with sandwiches as well.

As many of the parents have difficulty paying school fees the school does of lots of fundraising in order to help these parents and the school has buses that collect and drop of students to ease the burden of transport on parents.

When Seartec heard of the generous nature (and very ethos) of Laerskool Bloemfontein, we wanted to give something back to them. The school received 40 of the latest SHARP EL-W535HT scientific calculators to use in their mathematics classrooms. We were present when the students started opening and playing with their brand new calculators and got a couple of photos of the event which you can see at the top of the article. The grade 6 group really enjoyed the lesson interruption and we hope they spend may fun hours playing on drill mode.

Even as you walk into the reception area of the school – students are reminded of the way that they should behave. The words of wisdom are hung on a wooden tree in the reception area and whenever students come through they are reminded of what it means to be a kind and generous human being. If such behavior were encouraged at every school in the country, perhaps we would have a little less road rage and a few more reasons to smile after a tough day. We salute your generosity and kindness Laerskool Bloemfontein and we hope that you continue to be the change we all hope to see in our beautiful South Africa.

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