Seartec School of the Month for May: CityKidz Pre and Primary School

In the heart of the Johannesburg city centre is a beautiful little gem called CityKidz. On the outside, the painted fence is starting to chip and streets are dirty, but once you go through the gates, CityKidz turns into a haven for children from the inner city. There is a beautiful section of grass and sporting area, as well as some jungle gyms and other play areas.

The children were incredibly excited to see what Seartec,

proud distributor of SHARP, had brought for them, and even as the calculators were handed out, the students were trying to switch them on through the plastic to see what they could do. The SHARP EL-W535HT calculator is great for primary school students because they can practice mental maths whenever they want to, using the drill mode. The great thing is that the calculator is patient and can repeatedly ask the same question if the student gets it wrong. In fact, it will not move onto the next question until the students gets the current question correct.

CityKidz is a section 21 non-profit company,

and is set up with the help of Afhco Holdings – a property company. Afhco also helps with the maintenance of the school as well as the running of the school. The school currently provides education to 300 well-mannered grade R – 7 students in classes of no more than 28 students (wow!) and would eventuallylike to create a high school in an adjacent building.

What an inspirational place for children to grow up in. The mathematics teachers I met with were dedicated, compassionate and excited to be helping their students gain calculator skills. We can’t wait to see the caliber of students that are produced at CityKidz, who are changing South Africa for the better one student at a time!

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