Seartec Sponsors the World Maths Day Challenge 2015

Parktown Girls High school hosted a World Maths Day celebration by inviting top maths schools from around the Johannesburg area to take part in their mathletics challenge. Seartec was invited to be a part of the evening and we happily gathered with schools like Greenside High School, Jeppe High School for Girls, King Edwards High School, Waverley Girls High, Northcliff High School and Fourways High School.

22 teams of 3 learners each participated in the mathletics competition for a chance to win airtime and calculators. Seartec also loaned our Interactive PN-L702 LCD 70” Interactive Touch Board to Parktown Girls to display the scores for each of the teams. The students really enjoyed testing out the interactivity of the board.

The challenge consisted of three rounds.

The first timed round had the teams answer 25 maths questions as quickly as possible. For each question scored correctly, a point was awarded. The two guest judges and mathematical geniuses were Margaret Archibald – a lecturer at Wits University and Jonathan Kariv who is completing his post -doctoral at WITS University. The second round consisted of 3 questions that were also timed. And the final round had one question with 10 points being awarded to the team who completed it correctly first. The questions came from every facet of the mathematics curriculum and challenged both the students and teachers (there was smoke coming out my ears after the first question 🙂 ).


There were two teams tied for third place – both teams were from Parktown Girls. These lovely ladies each received a SHARP EL-W535 scientific calculator and airtime to the value of R75. The team that came in second was from Jeppe Girls – these ladies also received SHARP EL-W535HT scientific calculators and R150 in airtime. The highlight of the evening for us was that the winning team was one that used a Sharp calculator, a winning combination for the team from Greenside High School. Congratulations to all the winners – you did a superb job!

We can’t wait to see what next year’s questions and teams will bring to this exciting Maths World Day Challenge! For more information on where you can get one of our challenge winning calculators visit http://www.seartec.co.za/product-categories/calculators.

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