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maths webinars for the third term

We will be hosting a series of webinars the first 2 weeks of September. With the feedback we have received (thank you to those who completed the survey) we will run 2 daily sessions, one at 10 am (for those who are able to make it in teaching time) and one at 16.00 pm (hopefully after school and before the dinner rush ;)) You can also sign up to receive the links to the YouTube video recordings of the sessions (if you can’t make it) that will be uploaded on the 13th of September. We will send out the links and any notes you might need for the session on Friday the 27th of August.

Here are the different webinars:

  • 30th August @ 10.00 a.m. (Monday) – Creating your own investigations and worksheets. This webinar will look at how we create worksheets here at Maths @ Sharp, the resources we use, and how you can in turn can create your own as well. – Registration is now closed
  • 30th August @ 16.00 p.m. (Monday) – Term 3 Content for Grade 7 – 9 Maths teachers – Registration is closed
  • 31st August @ 10.00 a.m. (Tuesday) – Term 3 Grade 10 – 12 Maths content for teachers – Closed
  • 31st August @ 16.00 p.m. (Tuesday) – Term 3 Grade 10 – 12 Maths Literacy content for teachers – closed
  • 2nd September @ 10.00 a.m. (Thursday) – Term 3 Content for Grade 7 – 9 Maths teachers (repeated session) – closed
  • 2nd September @ 16.00 (Thursday) – Grade 12 Prelim Revision (Paper 1). A session focusing on some core maths topics and example questions for paper 1. – closed
  • 6th September @ 10.00 a.m. (Monday) – Repeat session for Math Literacy – Registration closed
  • 6th September @ 16.00 p.m. (Monday – Repeat session for Maths grade 10 – 12. – Registration closed
  • 7th September @ 10.00 a.m. (Tuesday) – Grade 12 Paper 1 Revision (repeat) – Registration Closed
  • 7th September @ 16.00 p.m. (Tuesday) – Creating Investigations (Repeat) – Registration Closed
  • 9th September @ 10.00 a.m. (Thursday) – Grade 12 Prelim Revision on Paper 2
  • 9th September @ 16.00 p.m. (Thursday) – Grade 12 Prelim Revision on Paper 2 (repeat)


Your students are welcome to join us (particularly for the grade 12 prelim revision sessions as these sessions will be geared towards students).

Remember all of these webinars are free participants. You will receive a free calculator for attending, but please note that those who have attended previous webinars in 2021 will not receive a calculator for attending these workshops. Only new attendees will receive a free calculator. All Sharpies attendees will receive 30 points for attending the webinar. 

Looking forward to having you join us,

Tal and the Sharp team,


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