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How to Solve linear equations

This question was submitted by Nonhle Remember that when you are solving for x in a linear equation (that means that x does not have any exponents) you need to take all the numbers to [...]

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How to calculate compound interest

Calculate compound interest Remember that compound interest is interest that is added to the principal amount at the end of each period. The formula to calculate compound interest: Where: FV = Future value PV = [...]

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Why do we need to study Geometry

Dear Yasodha Rani, There are so many places to use geometry in real life. There are many places that analytical geometry is used in every day life but Euclidean Geometry is used even more!! I’m [...]

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Finding Constraints in Linear Programming

This question was posted by Siboniso How do we find constraints in linear programming? Thanks for the question Siboniso, There are two different kinds of questions that involve finding constraints. The first comes directly from [...]

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Simplifying Exponential Expressions

Question Submitted by Nonhle about simplifying expressions: Simplify: [...]

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What are Arithmetic Sequences

Question posted by Sihawukele An arithmetic sequence is a linear sequence – that means it has a constant difference (d). The pattern is that you add or subtract the same amount from the previous term [...]

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How to simplify algebraic fractions

This question was submitted by Tebugo The first thing to check for is if there are any common factors on the top and bottom. You do this by factorising the top and bottom parts of [...]

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Rational Exponents

Rational exponents can be viewed in two ways: Firstly, if you have a surd (the root of a number that cannot be simplified – for example, the square root of 2) in the denominator of [...]

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How to find the Linear Regression Equation

This question comes from Busisiwe, who studies at the University of Stellenbosch. How do you find the equation for linear regression? It is quite easy once you know how – and all the stats functionality [...]

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How to calculate angles with reasons that have the value x,y, and z

This question is from Motlanelo from Modubung High School.: How do you calculate angles with reasons that have the value x, y and z. Well, There are 6 important rules to use when you are [...]

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