Term 4 Webinars – Notes and Videos

choosing the right calculator for your maths students

Want to see what you missed out on (or did you join us and want the notes)?

Below are the videos and notes for the four workshops / webinars completed at the end of October 2021.


22+ Reasons to love the Sharp EL-W535SA

This webinar caters to grade 7 – 12 maths teachers. It demonstrates the various functions avialable on the Sharp EL-W535SA scientific calculator that make both teaching and learning maths exciting and fun.


Here are the pdf notes that go along with this workshop:

Download the notes. 


13+ Reasons to love the S25 in your primary school maths class

This workshop shares the various reasons that the S25 junior quiz calculator is so cool – and shows you how to use the mental maths quiz function.


Here are the pdf notes with the videos:

Download the notes for the S25 workshop here.


24+ Reasons to the Love the Sharp EL-W506T in the Technical Maths classroom:

In this hour long session, we explored the various functions on the Sharp EL-W506T advanced scientific calculator that are specific to the technical maths CAPS curriculum. We also looked at some great ways to help teach the subject.


Download the Technical Maths presentation

Download the presentation here.


28+ Reasons to love the Sharp EL-W506T for your IEB and AP maths classroom

Apart from the calculators affordability and usability, here are 28 mathematical reasons to try out the Sharp EL-W506T.


The IEB and AP Maths notes

Download the notes for this presentation by clicking here. 


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