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Revision Term 1

This revision worksheet for CAPS term 1 tests all the skills that should have been learnt in the first term. The worksheet tests exponents, surds, equations including inequalities, completing the square, trinomials, and exponentials. It also tests simultaneous equations skills before looking at nature of roots. Finally revision on linear and quadratic patterns is given. […]

Term 1 Revision Worksheet

This CAPS worksheet tests the skills that students should have by the end of term 1. These skills and knowledge include number theory, surds, simplifying expressions, factorising, algebraic fractions, exponents, patterns, solving for x in equations as well as simultaneous equations, and trigonometry. Download here: Worksheet 17: Term 1 Revision Worksheet 17 Memorandum: Term 1 […]

Worksheet 26: Term 1 Revision Grade 9

This grade 9 maths worksheet covers all work studied in grade 9 in the first term according to the CAPS curriculum. Questions and sections include the number system, prime factors, simplifying common fraction and decimal expressions, converting between decimals, fractions and percentages, exponents, scientific notation, patterns, functions and relationships, substitution, algebraic expressions and solving algebraic […]

Worksheet 10 – Exponents, Logs and Finance

This worksheet covers exponents – from simplifying to solving, then moves along to logs where the basic rules are tested and the student is asked to solve for x. Finally it delves into the world of finance – using the background of logs and exponents to answer some of the questions. Finance covers simple and […]

Worksheet 8: Factor and Remainder Theorem

This grade12 CAPS mathematics worksheet is designed to reinforce the concepts learnt about the factor and remainder theorem as applied to polynomials particularly for factorising cubic expressions. The worksheet also allows students to apply the factor and remainder theorem to factors and divisors. Download here: Worksheet 8: Functions – Polynomials (Factor and Remainder Theorem) Worksheet […]

Worksheet 5: Exponents

This grade 9 maths worksheets has questions on all things exponents covered in the CAPS syllabus. Questions include some basic theory, scientific notation, simplifying algebraic expressions and solving basic exponential equations. There are also some story sums. Download here: Worksheet 5: Exponents Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Exponents

Worksheet 3: Exponents

This grade 8 mathematics CAPS aligned worksheet tests the skills that should be learnt for exponents in grade 8, from theory to knowing the sqares (1 to12) and cubes (1 – 6) and roots of these numbers, to being able to do them on their calculator. The exponential rules are also tested, as well as […]

Worksheet 4: Exponents

This worksheet starts with the definition of exponents, moves on to exponent rules theory and then tests the theory through questions involving simplifying expressions, to factorising with exponents. Finally the worksheet also practices solving for x in basic exponential equations. Download here: Worksheet 4: Exponents Worksheet 4 Memorandum: Exponents