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Worksheet 21 – Circles, Angles and Angular Movement

grade 10 technical maths worksheet on circles, angles and angular movement

This grade 10 technical maths worksheet on circles, angles and angular movement works through the various conversions between degrees and radians (and vice versa) degrees to degrees, minutes and seconds (and vice versa) radians to degrees, minutes and seconds (and vice versa) It also includes some story sums. The memorandum includes steps on how to […]

Worksheet 12 Analytical Geometry – Grade 12 Maths

grade 12 maths analytical maths worksheet

This grade 12 maths worksheet is based on term 2 analytical  geometry. It includes circles with a center not at the origin, midpoints, gradients, and tangents to the circle. The questions also revise grade 10 and 11 analytical geometry concepts. Download here: Worksheet 12 – Analytical Geometry Worksheet 12 Memorandum – Analytical Geometry. Worksheet 12 […]

Worksheet 15 Pythagoras

This grade 8 worksheet begins with the basics of Pythagoras.   It focuses on writing down the correct Pythagoras formula, substituting correctly into the formula, finding the longest side. It then moves on to finding any side of a right-angled triangle. Finally students are asked to prove that a triangle is right-angled by using the […]

How to find the hypotenuse

This is really easy! If you have the x and y coordinates: For example: (3; 4) Type in 3  4    Your calculator screen will then look like this: r is your hypotenuse – which is 5 and your angle made with between the y-axis and the hypotenuse is 53o  What if you have the angle and […]

Worksheet 21: Term 3 Revision Grade 10

This grade 10 mathematics worksheet contains revision for term 3 CAPS curriculum for South Africa. The worksheet includes questions on Euclidean geometry, analytical geometry, financial maths including simple and compound interest, exchange rates and hire purchase questions, statistics and 2D trigonometry.   Download here: Worksheet 21: Term 3 Revision Worksheet 21 Memorandum: Term 3 Revision

Worksheet 12 – Analytical Geometry

The areas of Analytical geometry examined in grade 10 are finding the midpoint, the distance between two points or length of a line, gradient that is either perpendicular or parallel, finding the equation of a straight line and analysing properties of geometric shapes. Download here: Worksheet 12 – Analytical Geometry Worksheet 12 Memorandum – Analytical […]

Worksheet 4: Analytical Geometry

This worksheet goes through all the different things you should know in Analytical geometry by the end of grade 11. The worksheet looks at gradient, parallel and perpendicular lines, equations of a straight line, angle of inclination, midpoint, and some exam type questions. Download here: Worksheet 4: Analytical Geometry Worksheet 4 Memo: Analytical Geometry

Worksheet on Circles in Analytical Geometry

This worksheet tests all the skills learnt in learning about circles that do not have their centre at the origin, from finding the centre coordinates and the radius to determining the equation of the circle to finding tangents to the circle at a particular point. There is also a section on determining whether two circles […]

Worksheet 8 – Analytical Geometry

This worksheet allows the student to practice their analytical geometry skills by finding the midpoint, gradient and equation of the straight line as well as the distance between two points. It also includes circles with centers that are not at the origin. It also has questions that allow the student to practice finding the angle […]