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Grade 11 Euclidean Geometry Worksheets

grade 11 maths euclidean geometry

Explore the various Euclidean Geometry theorems for grade 11 learners with these helpful worksheets on several geometry concepts. The first concept explores the idea of the line from the centre of the circle theorem. The exercise asks learners to draw their own circle and polygon by following specific instructions and encourages learners to intuitively grasp […]

Worksheet 12 – Geometry of Straight Lines for Grade 9

worksheet on geometry of straight lines for grade 9

This worksheet on geometry of straight lines for grade 9 covers the basics of geometry, including vertically opposite angles supplementary and complementary angles parallel lines which include alternating angles, corresponding angles and co-interior angles and perpendicular lines.   The worksheet comes with a fully worked out memo. Although it should be noted that only one […]

Euclidean Geometry for Technical Maths

grade 12 technical maths worksheet on Euclidean geometry and similarity

This grade 12 worksheet on Euclidean Geometry for technical maths students focuses on similarity, congruency and triangles. It pays particular attention to proportion as well as proving similarity and congruency.   Download here: Worksheet 12: Euclidean Geometry (Similarity) Worksheet 12 Memorandum: Euclidean Geometry (Similarity). 

Worksheet 12: Straight Line Geometry

This grade 8 worksheet is for the last section of term 2 according to the CAPS curriculum, on straight line geometry. It includes questions on parallel and perpendicular lines, corresponding, alternating and co-interior angles, as well as vertically opposite, supplementary and corresponding angles. There is also a fully worked out memorandum. Please note that with […]

Euclidean Geometry Rules

Euclidean Geometry posters with the rules outlined in the CAPS documents. All in colour and free to download and print! There are two options: Download here: 1 A3 Euclidean Geometry poster Or 4 A4 Eulcidean Geometry Rules pages to be stuck together.  

Worksheet 21: Term 3 Revision Grade 10

This grade 10 mathematics worksheet contains revision for term 3 CAPS curriculum for South Africa. The worksheet includes questions on Euclidean geometry, analytical geometry, financial maths including simple and compound interest, exchange rates and hire purchase questions, statistics and 2D trigonometry.   Download here: Worksheet 21: Term 3 Revision Worksheet 21 Memorandum: Term 3 Revision

Worksheet 7: Euclidean Geometry

This grade 11 mathematics worksheet builds on the skills of Euclidean geometry and the theorems learnt in grade 11 such as the tan-chord theorem, alternate segments and so on. It also has a fully worked out memorandum. Remember that with Euclidean geometry there can be more than one way of finding an answer so please […]

Worksheet 27: Term 2 Revision

This grade 9 term 2 mathematics revision worksheet tests knowledge gained in the second term and includes: space and shape – construction of geometric figures, geometry of 2D shapes, similar and congruent triangles and geometry of straight lines; measurement – pythagorus  and area and perimeter of 2D shapes. Download here: Worksheet 27: Term 2 Revision […]

Worksheet 16: More Euclidean Geometry

This worksheet examines the theory learnt for Euclidean Geometry and tests the application of theory and knowledge. Grade 10 mathematics students should know all prior grade 8 and 9 work (parallel lines and angles, triangles and similarity and congruency). Students should also know the midpoint theorem learnt in term 2, as well as all quadrilaterals […]