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Worksheet 18 Graphs Grade 9

worksheet 18 graphs grade 9

This worksheet on graphs for grade 9, covers all the basics from describing graphs to drawing them. The last question asks students to determine the gradient equation of the straight line the y-intercept and the x-intercept   Download here: Worksheet 18 – Graphs Worksheet 18 Memorandum – Graphs Grade 9

Grade 11 Maths Term 2 Revision

This grade 11 maths revision worksheet practices the two topics done in term 2 – functions and trigonometry. The questions ask to find x-intercepts, y-intercepts, asymptotes and turning points, as well drawing the graphs. There is a question on finding the general and specific solutions and one on proving identities.   Download now: Worksheet 13: […]

Worksheet 6 – Trigonometric Functions

This worksheet looks at the three different trigonometric graphs – sin, cos and tan, and the translations and changes that occur in these graphs. The worksheet tests drawing graphs, identifying graphs, giving the amplitude and period of the graphs. It also does in-depth mixed questions about the different trigonometric functions that mirror exam type questions. […]