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Grade 11 Trigonometry Worksheets Series

grade 11 maths trigonometry worksheets including reduction formulae

Our new teacher Bonga, has created a grade 11 trigonometry worksheets for learners to introduce the various concepts of trigonometry to your grade 11 learners. This first worksheet can be used to introduce the concept of reduction formulae by actively engaging learners in the exericses given. Learners draw conclusions by completing calculations and looking at […]

Worksheet 10 Trigonometry Technical Mathematics

This grade 10 trigonometry technical mathematics worksheet covers work learnt in term 2. It includes basics like finding the ratios of sin, cos and tan for various right-angled triangles. The worksheet includes questions on their reciprocals. It practices creating diagrams to solve the various trigonometry expressions. The worksheet has a section to practice calculator skills. […]

Grade 11 Maths Term 2 Revision

This grade 11 maths revision worksheet practices the two topics done in term 2 – functions and trigonometry. The questions ask to find x-intercepts, y-intercepts, asymptotes and turning points, as well drawing the graphs. There is a question on finding the general and specific solutions and one on proving identities.   Download now: Worksheet 13: […]

Worksheet 15 Pythagoras

This grade 8 worksheet begins with the basics of Pythagoras.   It focuses on writing down the correct Pythagoras formula, substituting correctly into the formula, finding the longest side. It then moves on to finding any side of a right-angled triangle. Finally students are asked to prove that a triangle is right-angled by using the […]

How to find the hypotenuse

This is really easy! If you have the x and y coordinates: For example: (3; 4) Type in 3  4    Your calculator screen will then look like this: r is your hypotenuse – which is 5 and your angle made with between the y-axis and the hypotenuse is 53o  What if you have the angle and […]

How to Prove the CAST Diagram

To prove the CAST Diagram On your SHARP EL535 calculator press . Then type in . For X_Start: type in 90 and . For X_Step: type in 15 and . Look at the answers between -90 and 0 – are they all positive or all negative? They are all negative: therefore sin is negative between […]

Worksheet 8: Trigonometry: Sine, Cosine and Area Rule

The grade 11 mathematics trigonometry worksheet tests the sine, cosine and area rules learnt and determines whether students can apply it to two-dimensional (2D) questions. The questions are based on the South African Caps syllabus and there is a fully worked out memorandum. Download here: Worksheet 8: Trigonometry Worksheet 8 Memorandum: Trigonometry

Worksheet 6: Term 1 Revision

This worksheet tests all the skills learned from term 1 grade 12 are tested in this worksheet. This includes patterns, sequences and series – quadratic, arithmetic, geometric, formula, sum, sigma notation and sum to infinity; functions – theory, domains and inverses; financial mathematics – compound and simple decrease, present and future value annuities, and effective […]

Worksheet 5: Trigonometry – Compound Angles

This grade 12 mathematics worksheet identifies the basic compound angle identities before moving on to applying them with special angles and in identities. The worksheet then tests the more advanced skills and applications of compound angles. Download here: Worksheet 5: Trigonometry – Compound Angles Worksheet 5 Memorandum: Trigonometry – Compound Angles

Worksheet 7: Basic Trigonometry

Worksheet 7 starts with labeling the diagram of a triangle with the correct labels. It then moves onto to identifying the different trigonometry ratios before tackling solving the for a ratio given an angle (great calculator work). The worksheet then looks at determining the angle given the ratio. The worksheet then deals with reciprocals before […]