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useful maths websites - the websites that we love here at Maths @ Sharp

Useful maths websites and resources across the internet are often hard to find, here we tell where you can find what from worksheets, to posters, to other interesting resources.



First check out www.e-classroom.co.za for maths worksheets for grades 1 to 6. This website also has beautiful worksheets for other subjects such as english, and life sciences. If you have young kids there are also lovely activities. All of the worksheets are CAPS complient.

Update: You do need to pay a fee to access these worksheets.


The Maths Journey

My personal maths website also with free maths worksheets (now catering for grade 7 – 10 maths students). The worksheets are broken down into basics and there are also fully worked out memos. There are also helpful articles for students and teachers.


Learn with Confidence

A website for moms (and dads) and teachers who need resources for primary school children. The focus is on maths, but there are lots of other really great resources on the site.


www.mathomat.com.au is importing their drawing templates to South Africa. The template includes trigonometry graphs and cubic graphs as well as circles and other shapes. These are especially great as the all the graphs are labelled so students should be able to pick out the right shape.


Math Drills

The math-drills.com website has worksheets for the younger grades – from BODMAS to fractions, converting between Roman Numberals and long division. There are lots of worksheets and you can download them for free as well. There are also LOTS of worksheets so you can practice, practice, practice.

Math Worksheets Go (now called MathsWarehouse)

Another useful website is mathworksheetsgo. They cover many topics including topics covered in FET. It is an American website so not everything will be the same as our curriculum, but the exponent and polynomials worksheets are great. The worksheets are based on a 4-part model, examples, practice, challenge and answers. And the worksheets are free!



Check out mathx for other handy intermediate phase worksheets – they have tons of questions and answers – one worksheet we downloaded had over 400 questions – this makes great practice for those students where repetition is key or its a great place to find exam questions. Enjoy 🙂


Eastern Cape Department of Education

Another great website with lots of past papers from the Eastern Cape Department of Education. Common Tests for June and November with memos for grade 3, 6, 9, 11 and 12. Fantastic!


Worksheet Works

www.worksheetworks.com is a fantastic website that allows you to create your own worksheets through the websites by determining the level needed as well as the type of questions to include or not include. This website has english, geography and mathematics worksheets – ranging from grade 0 to grade 7 (its is AMerican but also free so choose carefully what you would like). It also has a puzzles page which generates magic squares, suduko and much more. All the memos are on the second page for easy reference.


Common Core

commoncoresheets.com is a website with lots of maths worksheets for intermediate and senior phase – pick and choose what you need and lots of worksheets available. They also have some math games such as fraction bingo – what a nice way to get students to learn to recognise fractions and their names from a game (and they wont even realise they are learning) 🙂

Edwardsmaths is a South African based website with lots of past paper exams and other resources to download.

If you would like more exam papers visit Mindset Learn for lots of exam papers and all subjects for grade 10 – 12.


Super Summary

Here is another list of resources for maths (and other subjects – just explore): Super Summary.  It was recommended by one of our users.


Do you know about a site that we dont?

Please let us know (via the contact us page) if there are any other websites out there that make your lives easier. We would love to share this information with our fellow teachers.


*This article was updated on the 16th of August 2021. Websites with links that didint work were removed and new websites were added. 

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