When it takes a village – the #Futurefund initiative

Have you ever given someone a gift that they really, really wanted? Have you watched the way their face lit up as they realised what you’ve given them? Have you ever been the receiver of such a gift? Do you remember the feeling you had when you opened up your gift and discovered the treasure inside? I got to give 41 such gifts today to a school in Kwa-Tema, close to Springs and Daveyton.


A student receiving her calculator from her teacher
When a smile says a thousand words


Every one of the 41 students that received a Sharp Scientific Calculator had such a look of excitement and joy on their faces. This wasn’t just a Calculator to them but a way to improve. This was a way to reach their full potential, to get out of the township in which they live and make a positive impact in South Africa.


Kwa-Tema has recently experienced an increase in gangsterism

and the community has faced a difficult task in trying to apprehend the gangs (who are often made up of students). In fact, Tlakula High school, has seen much upheaval with the recent removal of their principal. You wouldn’t think this as you walked into the school though. You can see a school that is making an effort to become better.


It makes you realise how lucky you are to be where you are. I went to a school where the principal cared enough to make sure that learners were in class, that the fields were green, and that there were flowers along the walkways. All of these things I took for granted because it is all I’ve known. In this sense I have been incredibly privileged, shielded from wondering where my next meal would come from, or how I would get the things I needed for class, or if I could answer the maths homework I have.


But when you look into these students faces you don’t see despair, you see hope. These are the students that are going to change things for the better. They are going to make South Africa great again.


The old adage – it takes a village to raise a child – is critically true here.

We need the community of South Africa to make a difference in communities that cannot afford to make that difference themselves. When the gift of a Calculator not only gives students an answer or two, but represents their new and brighter future, then you know you have given the ultimate gift.


If you would like to give a student this same gift you can donate to the #Futurefund today – Visit https://mathsatsharp.co.za/futurefund for more information and to make a donation. For every Calculator donated through these portals, Seartec will match with a second Calculator. That means you are really giving two gifts for the price of one.

The learners who received calculators at Tlakula High

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