Worksheet 30: Term 4 Revision for Grade 8

This grade 8 maths worksheet revises all the work that should be done in term 4 according to the CAPS document.

It includes:

  • functions and relationships
    • input and output values
    • and tables,
  • equations,
  • graphs (both drawing and interpreting graphs),
  • Transformation Geometry
    • reflections,
    • transformations and
    • enlargements,
  • geometry of 3D shapes
    • recognising 3D shapes and their nets,
    • as well as knowing the number of faces, vertices and edges
  • and Probability.

It is also comes with a fully worked out memorandum. There are some colour coded answers ( for easy referencing, please be careful when printing).

Download here:

Worksheet 30: Term 4 Revision

Worksheet 30 Memorandum: Term 4 Revision

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