Worksheet 8: Measurement and Conversions (1)

worksheet 8, measurement and conversions page 1

This grade 11 mathematical literacy worksheet works through the various aspects of measurement and conversions for grade 11 learners.

The questions include:

  • Conversions between
    • mm, cm, m and km
    • ml and liters
    • g, kg and tons
    • seonds, minutes, hours and days
    • from baking measurements like teaspoons, tablespoons and cups to ml
    • imperial and metric units
    • degrees Fahrinheit and degrees Celcius
  • Calculating area, and cost of products for length and distance
  • Finding BMI
  • Calculating consumption rates

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Worksheet 8: Measurement (1) 

Worksheet 8 Memorandum: Measurement (1) 

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